The Rise And Fall of Bowling

I’m toying with the idea of writing a book. The Bowling Journals. Journals are the same thing as Diaries, though I’ve never referred to my thirty-something years of writing to myself as a Diary. But now that the Wimpy Kid has made diaries cool, I could go that direction.

Bowling Chronicles sounds cool. What do you think?

For those of you who have read previous blogs, I have a well self-documented life with my journals and letters and whatnot. I started as soon as I realized that if I wanted to remember anything in my life, I had better write it down.

Sometimes I read something that I have written in the past and say to myself, “That sounds nice” and wonder about that experience or that person and not have the foggiest recollection of my own experiences.

Sometimes not only do I remember what I wrote, but I remember things that I didn’t write down. Of course, I always have to take those memories with a grain of salt as sometimes I get a bit creative with my memories.

After another not so great bowling day, I started to tinker with the idea of writing about my bowling life. I started crappy, got pretty good, and now I’m back to being crappy.

When I get an image in my brain, I first think of a graph. As soon as I wanted to get better at bowling, I tracked my scores. With work, there were moments of an incline. Other times I would plateau, but for a while I was always getting better. I wasn’t shy. I was always talking about getting better. I might have said that I would quit if I started going down hill.

Now I just have to figure out what year I started to bowl. I told you that I had a pathetic memory. I don’t even remember the year I. moved to Oregon.

1985 amped to mind, so I grabbed the August to December 1985 journal. Small plastic Northeastern University three-ring notebook. I’ve not looked at this volume in many years.

So, what do you think? Would you read a book about a person who got fanatical about bowling?

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  1. I’m personally having a hard time getting excited about bowling. I know you love it almost as much as life itself… but having done a little bit of bowling as a youngster, and some small bowling as an adult, I’ve been to the lanes, listened to the noise of the pins, both getting knocked down with a hard ball, and then the pin-setting machines setting them back up again, and I have to admit, I would never willingly spend my free time in one of those noisy places again. So I can’t say I’d read a book all about bowling. Hey, you wanted the truth, right?

    But that’s just me. I am very sensitive to noise in my dotage. I have to turn off all kinds of media in order to keep sane. The TV get muted during all commercial ads, and even listening to music only goes on for so long until my ears rebel and want quietude! I’m sure it’s old age that’s the cause for this malady.

    Now on the other hand, if you had a bowling alley murder mystery going on, I just might attempt it!

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