Why I Am Not An Aries

Mom's girls

While in utero, I opted to trans astrologically. They predicted I’d be born around my mom’s April 12th birthday. Instead, I share my date with Albert Einstein. Pi Day.

Being a month premature had drawbacks. Weight in at just a few pounds, I’ve been playing catchup ever since. Because of my premie status, I got the impression that I’d always be delayed developmentally, never giving me the impression that there would be a day that I’d be on par. If only I realized that if I put a bit of work in, I would have done better academically. Instead I chose to glide. Heck, if expectations gave me liberty to slide through the k-12 years, I gladly spent my energy on being a better athlete instead.

I will say that  I’m not claustrophobic thanks to my incubator days at a Boston hospital. Brigham & Young Women’ Hospital. Being a month early seemed to set the level of expectations at low. So many of my school reports say, “Well, she’s smaller than the other kids; she’s not as attentive as the other kids. She’s working hard at keeping up with the other kids but is falling a bit short.

I picked up on this attitude of lower expectations and ran with it. I’m always looking for the easy way of doing things, though that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard.

If I were to label myself, and the list is not in any particular order: I’m a partner, a teacher, a mother of my dogs and cats, gardener, reader, writer, student, bowler, joker.

My main goal in this life is to have a good time and make people laugh.


  1. I got your message, and it says you post is pending. The icons confuse me. I have a check, a flag, and a trashcan. Obviously, I don’t want to round file it. Flagging can be good or bad. When I click the check, nothing happens. When I click the flag, it flashes the words Moderating comment, but it has continued to do this as I write…I was drawn to your blog due to the cat picture.

    • So, how’s being an Aries been for you? Hopefully I didn’t insult your sign by saying that I deliberately came a month early so I could avoid being an Aries. I don’t know much about astrology, but I do know that there’s more about what “rules” our personalities when it comes to astrological signs. Upon moving to Eugene, Oregon, I learned a lot about rising signs and other factors that fall under the house. I wanted to say the house that Ruth built, but I didn’t think that joke would fly. I look forward to getting to know you.

      • Aries has been fine – all hot temper and strong willed. And no insult at all. Not at all! It’s just you mentioned premature and Aries in the same sentence and that describes me. Apparently I was a 7-month baby, as were both my siblings. And I landed on the cusp of Aries and whatever follows. I’m not much into horoscopes and astrology,not really. That said, I pay close attention to Mercury Retrograde (the planet is in a retrograde state as we speak).

            • I have already forgotten the question, though I am glad it was a good question. When Sylvia did my chart, she needed my birth time. Since it wasn’t on my birth certificate, and both of my parents are also deceased and my older sisters have no idea, I asked for my birth records at Boston Brigham Hospital, or whatever it is called. My records were with my mother’s. I think I was born at 2:15 p.m. According to my two eldest sisters, I sent my parents to the hospital several times with false alarms. I can’t imagine that in the middle of winter in 1960 where my dad, though he wasn’t always home, and mom would pack up a ten year old, a seven year old, and a four year old and drive from the suburb, Weston, to the city of Boston. And then I had to stay in an incubator for a month until I ate enough to reach the magic number of five pounds. I don’t believe I have stopped eating since!

              • I tried to get my records once. Never did hear back from the hospital. As far as I can recall, the premature birth had no negative consequence, and judging by my waistline, no lasting effect!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. 🙂 I have enjoyed reading through your posts, especially the last couple Zero to Hero posts. It appears your thoughts travel in similar patterns as mine. Too much fun. I’m new to blogging .. the vocabulary, the culture and the technical stuff. So, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to ‘subscribe’ to your blog. Who would have thought to look at the top tool bar? It was only after scrolling up and down your home page about 3 times before I figured it out. Anyway, do not be discouraged. There may be other like me who are slow in the process who are having trouble finding their way. You may have a lot more followers than you thought? I hope so. 🙂

  3. I was born prematurely, too 🙂 My mum thinks if I’d been more patient I might have been a genius or an Olympic athlete! Oh, well patience is a virtue I’m still working on.

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