Zero to Hero

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
10:01 p.m. P.S.Tzero-to-hero (1)

I’m feeling behind schedule. I’ve not done the assignment for the zero to hero thirty day challenge. I’ve thought about it.

“As bloggers we’re often focused on the Next Big Post, but using pages thoughtfully helps you connect with readers, encourages them to dig deeper into your site, and organizes information to make readers’ jobs easier. Pages can hold a contact form, a collection of your favorite photos or links to your favorite posts, a site index, your comment moderation policy, or your blog’s origin story, to list just a few. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to posting, but today is all about pages.”

Today’s assignment: add a new page to your blog.

Not that long ago, while experimenting with my blog, since I really didn’t, and still don’t know the difference between a post and a page or the purposes of either. I don’t remember why, but I threw together an About me on a different page; and there it sits all by itself, like an island. According to the purpose of a page:

“Because pages offer you a great way to organize longer-term or evergreen content – and make it easy for your readers to find it quickly, which makes them more likely to read it.”

This means that I have to be organized. This is why I have waited so long to do this assignment. I’m waiting for organization to come. It’s kind of like waiting for Santa. The cookies and milk are out, but the cookies are moldy and the milk has curdled; it’s beyond soured.

Instead, as I was reading a blog by there was a picture of a Blue Marlin that caught my attention.

I had never heard the name Billfish before, but I had known a Billfish. It lived on my dad’s den wall. It was just a baby, but it was big enough for my dad to have won an award for a contest. The Swordfish was older than I. I was really bummed when we moved from that house on Pinecroft road in Weston, Massachusetts, that I didn’t inherit that Swordfish, the nameless Billfish that fought for hours and hours to stay alive. I don’t know what happened to it. That and the slot-machine, but that’s also another story.

I don’t know why my dad gave up big game seafishing, or whatever they call it when you fish for things that could potentially fight back. Perhaps having four kids was a reason. Gave up the boat as well. The boat that carried what was supposed to be my name, Ricky Jr., but that’s a different story, perhaps a story for a different

My dad did take me deep sea fishing once. The bait was the size of the fish I was used to catching. Even though the boat was equipped with a finder, we came up with nada, not a one, not even a nibble. It was fun to be out on the boat, far enough off shore that no land could be spotted. This is one of those experiences I long for.

This page is not going to keep me organized or help readers know a different level of me, but I do get to practice casting out another page and letting it become an island by itself. Perhaps one of these days I’ll learn how to put them together.

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