Run-in With a Buck

I hate seeing dead deer on the side of the road. I worry about them darting in front of my car. Knock on wood.

My dogs have had a few run-ins with the deer, especially this time of the year when Apples and Pears are ready and plentiful. Typically the dogs give deer room.

Sometimes no one is paying attention. I saw Ricky standing at the end of the drive at the gate, and then I saw a buck get spooked and came running out from an apple tree. I don’t think he saw Ricky until at the last minute he jumped over Ricky. It could have been a disaster.

Today, as I walked the dogs around the property, I was alarmed when I saw and heard a buck crashing through blackberries, across the path and jump over the fence; it was probably ten feet away. The dogs got so excited.

But then when I heard the crashing of the buck, it was very close. I couldn’t tell how far or close. I didn’t know if I ought to run or duck or what. Now I know I ought to have had a plan as that thing ran so close to me I might have been able to reach out and touch it. I haven’t been that scared in a long time. If he and I would have collided, it would not have been a pretty sight, especially since he probably would have slammed me into the fence as he soared over it. Hoof and Antler and Large Body Mass against me doesn’t sound pretty at all.

Thank you Angels for helping me out today. Next time I’m going to have a plan and my camera.

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