Instead of getting up early and heading off to experience a once-in-a-lifetime event, I got up early and puttered.

I emailed and blogged.

I visited with my garden. It feels like it’s been a long time since I last gave a farm report about my garden.

Perhaps I’m not supposed to be inundated with tomatoes two years in a row. Last year it was crazy. For the first time I worked at putting them up or least throwing them into the freezer. Maybe I won’t have a bumper crop again until I have used them all up.

20170822_084725This morning I worked on a handful of tomatoes. Big Beef is just giving me something to beef about. I can’t believe it would be a water problem. I’ve been feeding them. There are these chewed off ends.  Thriving is not how I would describe this poor pitiful plant. Something is chowing down on it.20170822_084838

Raised beds are a new addition to my garden. And even though I have always brought in new soil, throwing plants in the ground have more of a mixture than the raised beds. Maybe the soil is too rich?

Snakes seem to be enjoying the raised beds as I see holes in many of the beds. At least I haven’t seen any mounds from those critters down under. So far, their mounds in the garden haven’t destroyed any plants.

I have never grown a drying cherry tomato before. I’d say my

plant is being moderately successful, though this morning I did take quite a few dead leaves off.

I’d enjoy hearing your tomato stories. What’s been good? What’s been off?




I'd love to hear from you.

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