An Eclipse Experience

IMG_8678Abby knew something was up yesterday as we were getting ready to leave the house; she gave me this look to suggest, to plea that I would be taking her with me. This is the look that causes me to be a homebody.

I had already missed two photo ops. There were two does standing so close together that I thought I was seeing double.  No camera with me. Not even my phone.

And then I couldn’t figure out why Ying was sitting in front of the driveway gate and then saw the large buck on the other side.

IMG_8676By the time I got my camera, Ying was looking more alien than feline.

Of course, just because I have my camera, I’m not always successful in catching “the” picture. IMG_8680I was trying to grab a shot of big red ball of sun as we drove out of town that was over my shoulder. Side mirror shot didn’t catch anything but morning dew.

I don’t recall an event that caused so much media hype. Predictions of how many people coming from outside of Oregon caused people to buy up food and gas just in case there were shortages. Many people arrived at destinations early enough just in case. I heard the community college even fed the overnighters who wanted to claim a prime spot.


IMG_8731There were a lot of Californians in Oregon. Not sure of the plate significance, but I liked the bumper sticker.IMG_8732

I met a soon-to-be Kinder from Eugene who wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. I asked her if she liked science an math and mom says she loves everything. Perhaps she’ll get to see the eclipse in 2024. IMG_8737

I overhead someone saying that this eclipse was his seventh, though the first one he’s seen in the United States. I read in the paper that the last total solar eclipse that was only visible in the United States was 1776; Sylvia thought that this was prophetic and perhaps had some political significance to the current political affairs. Perhaps it’s time do a repeat performance and claim our independence from an unjust ruler.

IMG_8736After the eclipse, we walked around. I had never been to LBCC. Our trip to Albany a few weeks ago in previewing our route didn’t count.

Rip Cronk, muralist, did an amazing job depicting Kendrick Abraham of Eugene and Kyia Duvall of West Albany.






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