More Pictures From Florence

IMG_8326It feels like it’s a month since we took a trip to Florence, Oregon, to escape the oppressive heat that suffocated Eugene. It’s been two quick weeks.

IMG_8240I wrote about the dogs playing in the  Siuslaw River. I wrote about staying in a bad motel. Slippery Rock is the name that pops in my head, but Silver Sands is the real name. Maybe you do get what you pay for, though maybe not.

IMG_8300I wrote about where we ate.  Right next to Mo’s. CM something. CMI? Pretty good food. Interesting interior decorations.IMG_8298

IMG_8301I didn’t write about the pictures I took outside the restaurant. Such neat piles of rope and buoys and other fishing items.

IMG_8308Textures and colors and lines were all around me. That’s a lot of rope. I can’t imagine how long it took to make those coils.

IMG_8319I tried to catch the moments.IMG_8324

Everything was calling for my attention. There was so much to see. So much that I’ve already forgotten.

On our way back to the car, a man was working in the yard, welding something. He didn’t notice me.IMG_8329 A cat noticed me. We conversed as I took some pictures of it. It probably sees a lot of people IMG_8330passing by. I told the cat about Pookah and Sparky, the Tuxedo cats from my past.

I even thought this old phone booth was interesting. I hadn’t noticed the building reflected in the picture until now. This would make a great Little Free Library.IMG_8335


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