Being introduced to new authors

IMG_8655Almost every day I find a new author that someone has left in my Little Red Free Library. I just keep adding them to my list. My hold list at the Eugene Public Library has extended to a year from now. I have books on my list that will be shelved on August 16, 2018.

This extended planning makes this year go by that much quicker, and I’m already having a hard time letting go of summer.

18lrbhtnr2chtjpgI wasn’t that surprised to see Isaac Asimov’s Foundation’s Edge leave the nest. He’s definitely one to re-read. I probably have a half a dozen of his books on the shelf.   It feels good to have put a book out that someone’s interested in.

I put the second Hunger Games trilogy book, Catching Fire, but the right person hasn’t come along.

It’s almost like fishing. I don’t think the Canterbury Tales is ever going to leave the nest. I hated having to take Chaucer at the University of Oregon. I hated the class. But on my first go round with the Little Library, I wanted to give a smattering. I may remove it just because the real estate in the little library is precious.

And I have to make room for the books  AtThe-Mars-Trilogy-by-Kim-Stanley-Robinsonthat are coming in. Blue Mars by Stanley Robinson looks really good, but I’d have to start with another color. Red comes first. Green comes second, and then there’s Blue.

Too many books, so little time…

Another author that is new to me is Steven Saylor. Some kind soul dropped off A Twist At The End. Looks very good. Saylor is prolific enough that he could keep me busy for several months if I just focused on his work. Every so often I’ll get on a kick where I’ll read just one author.

But for now I’m ploughing through White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg. I just read about thBFKDI165Bacon’s rebellion. But it’s more than 500 pages long and the text is chewy, fibrous with names and dates. I thought it fits in with the current affairs. Class wars have been going since the beginning of  time.

So, what are you reading? Do you ever go to Little Free Libraries? check out

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