My Little Red Free Library

9780916144227I was happy to see that Emily Dickinson’s, I’m Nobody! Who Are You? was borrowed; it’s a delightful children’s book. It will be interesting to see if the borrower brings it back like I have asked

Yesterday was a stagnant day. Nothing left, at least not that I noticed, and nothing arrived.

But today’s overcast day is a good reading day, which may be for the reason for  Faulkner’s 18530dc9aed16860728bd940215b2896The Sound and the Fury to be taken, though I admit I was surprised to see the classic gone. I wonder if the person was reading it for the first time or if it’s a re-read. I’m so curious. I want to know what they think.

Is it possible someone picked it up because of President Trump’s recent rant about showing South Korea Fury like they have never seen before. I’ve got the right Korea, don’t I? The Sound and The Fury is one of those books that I am guessing I read a long time ago, but I have no recollection of reading it.

41pzj0jrueLI am surprised that Vinegar Hill hasn’t been taken. I just assumed that if it was an Oprah book, that alone would create interest, but then again, it’s not one I have gotten around to reading. Not yet. I still have hopes of reading it.

tuesdays-with-morrie-coverI was delighted to see that someone dropped off Tuesdays with Morrie. I loved this book. I don’t remember when I read it. I remember I couldn’t put it down and that Mitch Albom is a gifted writer.

Another donated book, The Maltese Falcon, is on my list of want to read books, and hopefully it will come back, though I can  always get a copy from the Eugene public Library.

The third donated book is one that I had never heard of before. Quet by Susan Cain. quiet susan cain hard coverThis New York Times Bestseller has jumped to the top of my list of books that I’ll read next.

x500I’m almost done reading The Roundhouse by Louise Erdrich for my bookgroup. I’d certainly put it into the Little Red Free Library if it weren’t a Eugene Public Library book.

What are you reading?


  1. You got the wrong Korea… it’s the NORTH that is to receive the Fury, not our friends in the South! I love that your LFL is flourishing.

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