ICM (International C-food Market) Restaurant

If you have been reading my blogs about our recent trip to Florence, you will know that the lodging portion of the adventure was a misadventure. We arrived at the Silver Sands at 3:30, a half an hour after our check-in time; the room wasn’t ready. We went to the img_8249.jpgNorth Jetty and played around in the water.

4727207_9_zAfter a while, we returned to the room. It still wasn’t ready. I even helped make the bed. I had to ask for soap and towels. The room was never cleaned.

But the adventure would continue. I wasn’t ready to let a little mishap with the motel get in our way of having a good time. It was time for some food, preferably some seafood.

We head out towards Old Florence. I wish I liked Mo’s, but  the clam chowder tastes like IMG_8320paste. We land next door to Mo’s. I didn’t pay close attention to the  white sign, just the words Seafood Restaurant on the awning. international-c-foodTurns out we were at the International C Food Market

IMG_8286glad I brought my camera. The Blue Marlin made me feel at home, reminding me of the one my dad had caught and displayed in his office in Weston. I’ve wondered whatever happened to his prize possession.


Pirate theme. There were a couple of these skulls that overlooked the area to check in. We avoided the 45-minute wait by sitting in an area that looked more like a cafeteria than a restaurant.


I don’t read reviews, and if I do, I tend to take them with a grain of salt. The food wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t that bad. I had the equivalent to a Captain’s platter. There could have been more scallops. Now that I’m home and reading about it, I see that they have an all-you-can eat crab special every day, but we weren’t told of this offer.

Would I recommend ICM? Yes. I should have at least tasted the clam chowder so I could compare it with Mo’s. Frankly don’t remember how the food was at Mo’s.

I did enjoy the murals.

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