Raspberries Get Some Love

IMG_8220Another amazing morning in Eugene, though the only amazing thing about the afternoon will be the intense heat. Yesterday it was like a furnace and today and tomorrow are only going to get worse. Record-breaking hundred-degree heat wave.

IMG_8222Raspberries require up and close attention, a good test of my knee abilities and still inabilities. Kneeling is definitely out, at least not on my right knee. Weeding by the seat of my pants still is the way to go.

IMG_8223After a couple of hours of weeding, cutting back of dead stalks, it was time to head back to the barn; it was already starting to feel rather warm and it wasn’t even ten o’clock.

I hate the idea of abandoning my garden, but we’re taking the dogs and hiding out at the coast for a couple of days; it’s been too long since we’ve been there, and the dogs will enjoy swimming in the Ocean.

At least I’ll have a new topic to blog about as some of you are probably sick of my garden posts.

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