Good Morning

IMG_8132When I re-read these words in six months or a year or two, I won’t believe that I was up before seven. Me? Really? Are you sure you aren’t fabricating a wild tale? Maybe in Six months I’ll still be rising prior to seven, though once the working days, getting up at six will be mandatory.

IMG_8134New routines. Every time I go outside to work in the garden or be with the dogs, I grab my camera. There are times when I have to remind myself to go get it; even if this means having to take my shoes off; it’s not like slip-ons are that hard to get off and on and off again.

As I look around my yard, my house, I feel grateful that this is my life. (I’m trying to ignore the tall grass and blackberries that need to be cleared out or they’ll take over the hillside I worked hard at reclaiming a few years ago. The proverbial Whack-A-Mole with yard work.IMG_8135

Strawberries continue to grow and spread out. Today might be a good day to tell the IMG_8136trailers, the vines, seeking to claim space for another plant, that they can’t grow in my path.

The small sunflower was an unexpected gift. I had noticed a few plants growing in my large mound of new soil delivered by Rexius, and this sunflower was one. IMG_7136Knowing that Sylvia’s tractor would soon be taking another bite out of the soil, I had to at least transplant the sunflower.

IMG_7195 (2)It took a few weeks before the sunflower decided it liked it’s new location and the roots took hold.

Sometimes the unexpected can bring sunshine into my life.IMG_8021


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