Little Library Coming Along

If you build it, they will come. If it can work with a cornfield, why can’t it work with a Little Library?

Sylvia’s been building me a Little Library. Almost everything came from BRING. If you have never been to Bring, you ought to check it out. Building supplies. Tools. Need a new Dish? They have those.

I tried to help with the little library. I painted most of the inside of the library, though I painted my foot as well and that’s when Sylvia took the paintbrush away from me.

It won’t be long before the Little Library will be installed. I think the doors are the last to be put on.

We’ve been discussing location, location, and location. I have my heart set on a small area tucked away. With great attempts to say away from the poison oak, which is all over the place, I think the place has been picked out.

I’m expecting my Official Little Library sign any day now. I still have to figure out what books I want to share and how to mark them just in case people actually bring them back for others to read.


  1. Is your little tucked away spot on the road so people can see it? Or will they have to follow the breadcrumbs into the woods? You can buy rubber stamps with anything you want on them… just google it. You could stamp your info into the front pages OR put a little blank postcard in the book and stamp it… or take a photo of the Little Library and stamp the back.. make up copies for each book.

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