I’m Ready For What May Come

I’m ready for what may come or not.

I began the day with a usual checklist of my body. A quick roll call and various of my body parts report in. Bottom of left foot feeling good after having a good chunk of the day off yesterday, a once in a while relief appearance was the only thing required. Right ankle checked in fine. Back. Well, the lower back is a bit grumpy when I move, especially the left side. Move slow and I’ll be fine. Each small segment of motion is like a stretch.

IMG_8014from the cool temperature of the morning, morning light is refreshing as it gently nudges shadows out of the garden.

Meandering around the garden with a camera is a challenge as my garden is an obstacle course. Paths aren’t flat. There are holes. Ricky was given permission to dig in the middle of a path after I spotted a mole mound. IMG_8053This morning the mound covered. his hole, so I asked him if he wanted to dig some more. It’s hard to catch him in his frantic digging state.

IMG_8045Abby joined in just because he was having so much fun, but digging isn’t her thing.

Corn needs attention; the  hour I gave a couple of days ago barely made a dent. One stalk at a time. I’m not quite ready to give up on my experiment, using last year’s bean seeds IMG_8091from last year’s growth, to grow with the corn. So far, only one bean stalk has risen to the challenge, but it is climbing so fast, it’s higher than the corn. I’ll have to put something up to give it something to hold onto.

It’s not like I need more beans. I’ve got one bed of Blue Lake Bush Beans and a row of Scarlet Runners that are going crazy.

IMG_8048The corn should be a little bit happier; at least the few that I got to. Perhaps after I read for a bit, I can get back out there.


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