Women of Summer

IMG_7759Last night I celebrated the last softball game of the season with my team, Sol Equinox. IMG_7762The weather couldn’t have been better as the evening was on the other side of being too hot, but hadn’t gotten to the stage where extra layers were needed. An unexpected one-to-one tie was soon to be tilted in favor of my Sol Sisters team.

IMG_7760Our fans resided in the away team’s bleacher-side as usual, demonstrating comradery on and off the field.

Young and old were in attendance. IMG_7770High spirits. Good Moods. Playing for the sake of playing where winning wasn’t at the top of the list.

Every year, the team comes together like a jigsaw puzzle. Different abilities, different levels of competition. Some players come in with previous softball experience, even fast-pitch. IMG_7775Others not a stitch. Chronologically, I’m guessing there was at least a forty-year spectrum IMG_7785between the eldest and youngest on the team, though when it comes to playing ball, everyone becomes ageless in the quest to have fun, win games, and rise to the occasion, making that play that would live in a player’s mind for infinity.

IMG_7787Some of my team members and I go a few season back and a friendship has been forged in winning and losing seasons, in injuries, and in returns.

This year’s team would go on to win the championship out of four teams, losing just one game.

Being at a softball is like being at a three-ring circus. It’s impossible for me to not look around and see the people, and of course the dogs.

And the kids. Can’t leave out the future players and fans. I’m lucky to have been IMG_7873teammate’s with one of Gus’s moms for more than the three years that he’s been toddling around.

IMG_7875Unfortunately, I missed Emily’s incredible catch as she leapt into the air, and according to her testimony, she jumped the highest she’s ever gone to make a career-best catch at third base. I was busy chatting, commiserating over our injured knees, the only reason I was behind a camera and the fence rather than being on the field.

Taking pictures at a softball game isn’t that much different than playing the game. It’s all a matter of being at the right place at the right time, concentrating on that not so little yellow ball and hoping that it makes it into the proverbial mitt.

IMG_7895In this case, I don’t know if the ball is leaving or returning to the infield. Was she one of our eight runs? IMG_7914I like the notion of being able to defy gravity and suspend time, to see things that I didn’t really see before while snapping as many pictures as possible. I have enough pictures to do another blog, giving you a break from my garden reports.

At least I was on hand to take a team picture. I’m wondering if any of my shots came out.

2017 Sol Sisters Softball Championship Team




  1. Hey I want to know one thing… no… two things actually. 1) How come, as I’m usually the only one who ever comments in here, my blog isn’t on your list of blogs in the right-hand column? and 2) where are YOU in the group photo?

  2. No, no, no. Don’t stop blogging. I’ll just bet many peeps are READING but are just too lazy to comment! C’mon readers… say a few words here! Every blogger wants to hear from his/her readers.

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