Doing Too Much

Tuesday morning my knee was complaining. Short painful bursts of pain right below my kneecap told me that I had been doing too much. I told my physical therapist and Laura asked me what I had been doing in the garden over the weekend, though the question was rather rhetorical as she replied before I got my answer out, “Whatever you are doing, stop.”

I didn’t garden at all yesterday. I watered it, but my knee can tolerate walking and standing. It’s the crouching, bending, stooping, and apparently swinging a pick axe are things my knee doesn’t like.

I didn’t garden yesterday. Does that mean I can garden today? Instead of walking in the direction of the garden, I walked to the mailbox to get the paper. No major knee complaints, but it also wasn’t without grumbles. IMG_7561I had brought my camera for the short walk as there’s always something to photograph.

IMG_7558Have I mentioned that Sylvia is building me a Little Library? I just registered with the Little Library dot org folks. Maybe it will be up and running in a week or two.

BRING is an excellent place to shop for building supplies. Sylvia spotted the small glass doors, well-framed, and designed the library around them. Yesterday we returned to BRING to get paint and a couple of posts.

IMG_7562In closer inspection of the area that I want to put the library, there’s more clearing than expected. Not only is there more to clear, but there’s a lot of poison oak. IMG_7560

I imagine down the road, there could be a bench or two and perhaps some cover to allow a place to duck out from the rain and look at a book or two. How much down the road, I’m not sure.

IMG_7572Meanwhile, I had a nice short jaunt to the mailbox and back home, and even had a chance to practice photography.




  1. Excited about your Little Free Library. My friend Sandy had one,it was gorgeous. But it was vandalized so often that she finally got rid of it and gave it to someone else. People (or person) would come in the night and steal all the books, over and over.. it was awful.

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