Grabbing the Reader By The

Grabbing Readers by the eyes. Sounds painful. Metaphorically speaking, I want to write blogs that will cause readers to choose my blog over other blogs. I need more readers. I want more readers. Needing is such a subjective thing. I’m not quite desperate, to allow my want to cause me to quit blogging; but I think how much more I would write if I just had a little bit more wind in my sail. For now, blowing up my own skirt will have to suffice as motivation to write.

Could I blame lack of viewing numbers on Blog page? The Window Display lacks presence. There’s nothing on my WordPress Home Page that will cause readings to Ooh and Ahh and extend their window shopping to actually entering the site. My blog page is a mess, a disaster.  It has gone from merely unraveling to disintegrated.

When I first put it together, I followed WordPress steps and managed to put together a good-looking site, or at least I thought. There was always something that I could do to improve it. And then something messed it up. I must have tried to change something, causing menus to disappear and blogs, that I liked alright, but they dominated my page like that was all  I have written.

I ignored it for a long time, but the other day, I rolled up my sleeves and dug right in. Now it’s worse than a disaster.

I signed up for a two-week WordPress course. Not only do I hope to have my WordPress blog back to being user-friendly, but perhaps I can generate more views, and especially more comments. This is not a case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Something must change about my writing and my topic. Competition is fierce out there and the element of time is not on my side.

The first topic of the WordPress course is tags. I’ve not always used tags. I ought to look at whether the posts that get the most views are the ones that I use tags. Can I use too many tags? For example, can I really use the tag disaster to describe the state of my blog or will that upset people who are looking for tornadoes and tsunamis?

Is there a difference between hashtags, #tags, and the tags that WordPress uses? are hashtags a Twitter thing?

This is where my small handful of readers comes in. I need you to tell me what I am doing wrong or right? Often times I write off-the-cuff, stream-of-consciousness, and don’t edit it. Maybe there are typos or sentence construction things that get in the way of my message? Maybe my message is muddy beyond comprehension and you’d like to see the fish in the pond more than murk. Maybe it’s the tangents that I go off and never really stick to one subject. Some people want to stick to one rabbit hole and not a dozen or so. Maybe it is the subject matter. I did notice that when I wrote about the zucchini taking over the world, I did get more views. Maybe I’m flat-out boring. That’s always a possibility, though I tend to push those thoughts to the corners of my mind to collect dust.

I’d love it if more than Bex could comment on this blog…

I'd love to hear from you.

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