Holding onto New Habits

Has it been merely a week since I started listening to my body to create a new routine of getting up early in the morning?

I tend to be a rule maker, though rules aren’t that hard for me to break either.

Rule number one: If it’s light out, it’s probably a good time to get out of bed. All good rules have exceptions. Five is too early. Six is early and impressive. Seven works. Eight is now considered late.

Rule number two: Don’t look at a clock until after getting out of bed. Since my only clock is my phone, there’s no way of merely glancing at the time; I have to work at seeing what time it is.

Rule number three: No going back to bed. I am notorious for going back to sleep a few times before finally getting out of bed, and this is one bad habit I want to nip in the bud.

I only broke rule number two this morning. It was 6:07 a.m., and instead of jumping out of bed enthusiastically, I pulled the covers over me.

Forty-five minutes of lounging in bed. Not a horrible thing to have done, not even a bad thing, unless one is trying to train oneself better habits. I know it doesn’t take much on the slippery slope for me to return to habits of old.

Good habits are always harder for me to keep than bad habits. At least once I decide a bad habit no longer serves me, I’m rather good about breaking those as well.

IMG_7535My garden was happy to see me this morning, like an old friend.

IMG_7548Every morning, I come out to the garden armed with cameras,  a pick axe, and loppers. First I appreciate the  areas where I have worked, and then I look at the task at hand. The work to do always seems to outweigh the work done.

The summer is moving along at a fast clip; it always does. The stages of flowers that have come and gone reflect how quickly seasons move.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was excited to see the first crocus. Yes, we have survived another winter. Daffodils make their presence felt. IMG_7202This little blue flower on a large bush that’s taken over a hillside outside is like a freeway for things that buzz. But by now, they are gone.

IMG_7359This flower belonging to another plant that has taken over, is barely holding on as the  intensity of the sun increases.

We’ve only had one scalding day so far this summer, though August is notorious for sweltering temperatures. One of these Augusts we just may have to get an air conditioner.

IMG_7527This morning, there were quite a few squash flowers open extra wide. I was rather surprised that a slug was in one of the flowers and promptly dug it out and tossed it out IMG_7546of the garden and into the blackberries. This particular zucchini is producing squash at an alarming rate. At least I only planted one Zuke plant, though I can’t say the volunteer squash plants aren’t going to be zucchini.

As I weeded this morning, I uncovered two new volunteers: a squash and a tomato.

Speaking of weeding, I better get back to it.IMG_7554


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  1. Just coming up for air from crocheting 2 squares, one of which I had to rip way way back which took me a lot of extra time. That’s what I get for doing it while the tv is on. Your garden is splendid.

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