Low Battery


This morning, I  started snapping photos with my Canon. Looking at the various opportunities to get some work in. Who needs a gym when one has a garden?

IMG_7476I hadn’t noticed the blinking bar, signaling the end of the Canon’s battery until it refused to take a picture; probably was the best one in the bunch.

IMG_7477Fine. I have work to do anyway. I  was ready to take a break from clearing around the herb beds and tackle something new.

IMG_7507Last night as I weeded the beans and giving them some string to climb on, I could barely get to the bed because of encroaching weeds, especially thistle and blackberries. That became today’s goal.

20170716_083253then my own battery failed. I probably wasn’t out there more than a half an hour when my body said, “I’ve finished one side of a bed. It’s time for a break.” I needed to get the Canon battery recharged and there’s really no reason to push myself. Listen to my body, especially my knee and my back, and don’t give it any reason to scream at me. Also gives me a reason to write.

20170716_083204My early morning rise challenge continues.  Yesterday I was up at 6:15 a.m. This morning, an hour later; I blame the four a.m. bathroom excursion for today’s late rise. But still,  this is coming from a person who typically gets up at ten.

20170715_074415Break is over. Time to get some work done.


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