Creature of Habit

I have been told over and over that in order to succeed in writing, or anything for that matter, routines and rituals are critical.

You can drag me to the watering hole, but you ain’t gonna be able to make me drink. Even if I know it is good for me, essential for health and quality of life. Isn’t that the purpose of life: to stimulate growth and aspirations to achieve happiness?

Creating healthy habits is my top goal for this summer. I have had my share of bad habits. Everyone in my family smoked cigarettes,  so I started smoking, stealing my Father’s Pal Mal’s from his Dresser as he slept. I worked hard at this habit as my body fought against the toxins, making me nauseous and light headed, but I kept persevering, building tolerance.

I quit smoking back in the eighties. I don’t remember what motivated me to stop. It just was time.

Just as it is time to develop routines and positive habits. 

Eugene summer early mornings can’t be beat.  Cool temperatures. Lots of birds singing. Typically, Ricky asks for belly rubs before I get out of bed.  Slow-motion dog kisses reward my effort.

After my mad dash to the bathroom, I take time to lubricate my mind, allowing intentions and ideas of what could happen as the day unfolds. What section of the garden will I focus on? What will I write about?

While my coffee repeats, I gingerly go down the stairs to the animal room. I now always make sure that Abby The Labby Number Nine goes first. Ricky tends to wait at the top of the stairs, monitoring my progress.

After I feed the dogs and cats, I make a point to feed myself. All those people who say breakfast is the most important meal of the day can’t be wrong, can they?

First round of exercises. I have been doing them, but I could be doing them more often. Great habit to create. I did my leg lifts, the clam shells, and so on.

Once I got going, all of this didn’t take much time and still made it out to the garden while the morning was young.

To combat a sense of overwhelming futility, I focused on one spot. I rewarded myself and paused a couple of times to write emails and post pictures of progress.
Two hours and my task was finished. Next on the list of things to do on a daily basis is write, hence this blog. I tell myself that it doesn’t matter if not many people read this and even less respond. If I want to get better at writing, I have to do more of it.

Since the temperature is only in the middle sixties,  it is time to head back into the garden.
Do you live a structured life with routines embedded in your daily life? If so, what are they?



  1. Routine is my middle name. Same thing every day. The time of out-of-bed varies by only minutes – within an hour – but after that it’s pretty much all the same re-run of the day before. But I am not complaining, it’s not a bad routine except I wish I could do more physical movement. I’ve just ordered a quad-cane to walk around the house with… so I won’t have to hold onto the walls for stability, so much.

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