An Unusual Day

This morning started off with a trip to the Springfield Municipal Court House. I witnessed an accident between a Suburban Tahoe and a small school bus on my way to Springfield High School at the end of September. The bus got T-boned by a guy running a red. It looked like the bus took a right turn, the impact was so hard.

What’s taken so long? There were court dates set but the prosecution needed a few delays. When the bus driver called me, telling me today’s court date, I wasn’t sure if I could make it with my surgery. But do you think they would give her a continuance?

Next time I visit the Springfield Municipal Courthouse, I’ll have to look for this picture.

My favorite exhibit was of the K-9 police pictures. Found my buddy Rich Charbaneau’s dog, or at least one of his dogs.

It was interesting to sit in on some trials. Drunk Driving charge cost a jail-jumpsuited guy three years of driving. I can’t imagine not being able to drive for that long. A few cases plead no contest to petty theft and were banned from Wal-Marts. I thought it was funny in that the judge would tell people to try to stay out of trouble for six months or so. I suppose it’s not his place to tell people to be lawful abiding citizens for the rest of their lives.

My reward for being a good citizen and hopefully undoing the wrong done to the fired bus driver, and she was found not guilty, we went out to lunch at the Flying Squirrel. I’d been by that little tavern/sports bar many times and  have wanted to check it out. The parking lot was empty. The waitress knew everyone, except for us, who came through the door.

I went the French Dip route. I knew after one bite that I wasn’t going to win any prizes for cleaning my plate unless packing the second half and most of my Tater tots into a box counts. Next time I go, I’ll have to check out their beer selections.



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