Almost Crutchless

clip-art-of-a-frowning-red-haired-woman-with-a-cast-using-crutches-by-ron-leishman-3909I’m really close to ditching the crutches. There are times when I can walk normal, though there’s still a slight hitch in my giddy up, so I am not quite ready to put them in storage. I think the last two times I have had knee surgery, I must have borrowed crutches.

34110b7564326998404c946c1a64b171Today was day two of working with Laura Parker at PT Solutions. I knew I had stepped into the right place last week when I was greeted by a large stuffed Collie and then the real McCoy.

17192477_1684787661819272_8040721259268239178_oThis Tee shirt says it all. It’s downright silly to not listen to the therapist.

I didn’t even bother asking Laura if I could get rid of the crutches and she never suggested it.

I started by spending fifteen minutes on a machine that was kind of like sitting down on a Nordic track. I’ve just realized why my right forearm was sore. It couldn’t be the crutches as my arms hardly get any action anymore. I’ll have to take a picture of it next time.  The purpose is to work on knee range of motion. It took a bit to get my knee cooperate, but after a bit I was able to reach the goal.

Today I stated that I wanted to bowl in August. Laura asked when in August. July just started, so why couldn’t August 1, 2017 be a good goal. Laura laughed.



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