Blogging Keeps Me Off My Feet

IMG_7309Pain is still my guide. Twinge means it’s time to stop gardening and get off of my feet. It took me two twinges to reach for my crutches.

IMG_7308There’s so much to do. It’s hard to leave the endless weeding. I remind myself that I have all summer to get it done.

IMG_7315Where to start? Raspberries? Strawberries? Peas? With my limited walking, I chose the onions. Close and an easier task than many parts of the garden. Knowing I didn’t have much time, I wanted to experience the gratification of getting something done.

Meanwhile, Ricky’s screaming got me moving a bit faster than I wanted. I’m calling him. Sylvia’s calling him. Both of us in panic mode. Sylvia was then screaming for Abby to come as she was nose to nose with a rather large doe. Perhaps they were playing. This same doe was in the yard earlier, though the dogs were afraid to go outside. I’m worried that perhaps the doe lost a fawn and is sticking close to it. Maybe it’s injured. I briefly looked around, but again my steps are limited.

Once I checked Ricky for cuts and had all three dogs under supervision, I returned to the garden. I hadn’t had a twinge yet. Or had I? It did, after all, take two twinges to send me packing.

IMG_7341I re-discovered a volunteer tomato. I wonder what kind it is going to develop into. I love a good garden mystery. I’ve got a few squash plants that have me wondering what kinds of fruit they will be bear. Will they retain their original form or will they be a cross? Only time will tell.

It must be time for me to go back into the garden…



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