Last Thursday afternoon I went in for my fourth knee procedure. I am thankful that it was “just” cartilage and not my Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

I had hoped to watch the arthroscopy procedure as I had watched in the past, but this is no longer an option. It looked liked a vacuum was sucking debris out of my knee.

The procedure went well. I remember taking in oxygen. When I awoke, it felt like time hadn’t passed and that they hadn’t done the procedure yet. I have no idea how long it took before I came to, but I was ready to go home.

With all of my experience, how could I have forgotten about the compression stockings? If only I had remembered, I could have saved myself seventy-two dollars. Maybe now that I know the outrageous cost, next time I will bring my own.

Maybe I ought to find out how much they charge for the bandages and sterile strips.

I also learned that my reusable ice bags aren’t as good as peas and corn. A friend of mine gave me a recipe for better ice packs: You can make a better ice pack with one part rubbing alcohol to two parts water inside two ziplock bags.

And now comes the work. The exercises and the willingness to push my knee along with the patience to not push too hard. I am not always good at walking that fine line.



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