Compulsive Gardening

IMG_7258When I enjoy doing something, I have a hard time restraining myself and get rather compulsive. If I see a space in my garden, I fill it. If I see a particular veggie that I don’t have, I buy it. My strawberries have filled in nicely. The birds and I have to look hard to find the hidden gems. I’ve already made one strawberry pie and have more in the garden that need picking.

IMG_7161Sylvia’s going to bring home more raised beds, which means I need more plants. But it would be a good idea to know what I have already so I don’t double up.

IMG_7275I am sure that a half dozen cucumber plants ought to be enough and still have plenty to share; this doesn’t count the two or three lemon cucumbers.

It took me many years to acquire the taste eggplant. I think I have six?

Once again I have more squash than we can humanly eat. I’m compelled to plant as many varieties as I come across to go along with the usual yellow crookneck and zuke.

I’ve got hubbard, acorn, sweet meat. Do I have patty pan? Just the other day I took one that didn’t get eaten and  I planted the seed. Seeds from another squash from last year are sprouting madly. Anyone need some squash starts?IMG_7259

I have such a soft spot in my heart for squash that when I see volunteers pop up, I let them grow wherever they want.IMG_7294

I’m hoping they will turn out to be acorn squash. I didn’t get enough of those last year. Today, as I was just meandering, I stumbled upon a few more sprouts, though it is too early to tell whether the two leaves will turn out to be squash or thistle. I have a hard time discerning the difference when the plants are very young.

IMG_7295My ultimate downfall when it comes to compulsive  gardening is the tomato. I had an outrageous number last year. I invested lots of time freezing them and barely made a dent. Any one need some frozen tomatoes?

This year, on my first outing, I had a game plan. But I was still on crutches and had someone buy for me. A couple of slicing, one for sauce, and a couple of cherry tomatoes. IMG_7265Every time I get an extra bed or two, I buy more tomatoes. Cherokee purples make the sloppiest BLTs, but are so divine.

I’m new to raised beds, and I’m sure I’ve crammed too many plants, but it’s hard for my brain to see the bigger picture even though every year I have the same problem in getting around the garden.

Today I bought perhaps six more tomato plants. A dozen or so doesn’t seem to be as crazy as last year’s total. So far, I’ve found only one volunteer tomato. I’ve got a crazy volunteer corn in my potato patch; it being so far away from the rest of the corn, I don’t know what will happen to it.

IMG_7263One of these years, I’ll tire of all of the work, though now that I have all of these sweet raised beds, I hope it’s not too soon.


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