Finally, the sun has made an appearance

Now that the rain has taken a break, I can get outside and start to chip away at all the growth the rain has caused. Grass. Blackberries. There’s so much to do that it causes my head to spin to think about it.IMG_7232

If I don’t get a handle on the blackberries, it will engulf the house. I wish I could somehow train the dogs to pull weeds. They are working dogs after all. They do work in the garden with me. If there’s a old corn stalk or brassica plant, they’ll pull them up if I ask. Ricky, my Chocolate Labrador, loves to dig in the garden when I am digging, though he tends to dig in the spot where I am digging. I just have to convince him that there’s something under the ground, and from the many holes I come across, there are plenty of scents to keep him busy. Every so often, he’ll start digging where he’s not supposed to, but once I stay stop, he does and doesn’t start until I ask him, “Want to dig?”IMG_7141 (2)

This is the first year I have beds. I never imagined that I would have so many, but I am loving it, and am very appreciative of the hard work that Sylvia’s been doing to install the beds. To tell the truth, I have lost track of how many beds we’ve got so far, and BiMart has the cedar kits on sale, so I get to get more!

IMG_7186Unless I put a bed on every square inch of the property, there will be plenty to do keep the  weeds at bay. Grass and thistles and blackberries are my main source of aggravation.

Since I’m still disabled with my not-yet-surgically-repaired-knee, I have to take it easy and alternate work and rest. July 6th is the next tentative day. I know that it may be a week after that before I can get back into the garden and am trying to get it “done” before hand, though I know that there’s never a done. This is my next area to work on:




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