Are They Necessary?

There are certain God’s creatures that I hate and will do everything in my power to kill them. I’ve been stung too many times to have any  feelings for wasps. hornets. yellow jackets. I’m a hypocrite because I don’t kill spiders unless they really look threatening and are threatening me. I mostly  try to stay out of their way. Or perhaps the benefit of spiders gives me that kind heart feelings. Don’t these flying assholes that I previously mentioned are beneficial? Don’t they also pollinate when they aren’t being jerks to humans and dogs.

I hate slugs. I hate what they do in my garden. I hate how they stain my hands with their slime. I don’t kill them or bait them. I just throw them as far as I can out of the garden. What purpose do slugs have? There has to be some benefit in the food chain. Bird food? I’d rather the birds eat slugs as I absolutely love earth worms. I will go out of my way to rescue worms in my garden. But worms are all about beneficial. My dirt is happy when there are worms digging around.

IMG_7253The first time I came across a snail at the dome, I was intrigued. I had heard that snails had suddenly become a noxious visitor to the area. Where did they come from? Obviously things don’t like to eat them or they are very intelligence and have survived the wide variety of birds. Maybe we don’t have any French birds.

IMG_7254Since I was taught to despise snails for no reason, I tended to throw them into the street. Never gave the gastropods a second thought as they sailed into the air or smashed against a rock.

IMG_7255But then I read a book about a snail. A woman had the company of a wood snail that someone gave to her while she recovered from a serious illness, and she wrote not only about her experience, but I learned a lot about snails. They fascinate me.

IMG_7256They fascinate me when they are hanging out on the plastic siding of the dome, far, far away from my garden. But when they get close to my garden, they get the same treatment their cousin the slug gets. I learned in that snail book that if a snail’s shell gets crushed, they have the ability to rebuild. A friend of mine asked me if they are slugs during the rebuilding process.



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