How to Tune a Cat

All cats need attention. Some more than others. The three that share my domicile tell me exactly what they need, especially Ying.

Ying is a talker. She starts talking a few rooms away.  I hear a meow or just a meh before seeing her. 

We do a call and response until she sees me, and then our eyes get to talking. 

Vocalization increases with touch. I dream of understanding the  feline language. I know she responds after I make an attempt to copy her sounds.

Coming from a feral cat, Ying and Yang didn’t get the physical mothering until I took them in, and they treated me like their mom, especially Ying.

I try to wear clothes that keep me from being a pin cushion. She’ll find a part of my shirt and suck on it. I call it being Yinged or Yinged. Throw in some purring and a sweet whistle is sung. 

Slowly, as I stroked Ying this evening, I could feel her relax, making me feel as if I were tuning her. No,  the image of cat gut strings didn’t come  to mind until this very second. Tuning a cat into tranquility is a better image.


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