A week of rain


It’s actually been just five days of rain.

Seven days ago, it was beautiful out. I remember thinking about how much gardening I was going to do. I was going to fill a raised bed full of the good soil, which meant I would be pushing a wheelbarrow six times from the pile of newly purchased soil to the garden. IMG_7011

I even had the  starts that were ready to be planted…IMG_7021 I had gotten up early. I had lots to do. Garden. Pack. Go. I was supposed to be gone for nine days.

Maybe that’s why Abby tripped me on the stairs, nixing all the plans. No bowling tournament. No gardening. Just a trip to the hospital. Not sure why I bothered going to the Emergency Room.

Nothing was broken, but my ankle and knee are far from fine.

When it started to rain, I didn’t mind. I didn’t have to worry about having to water the garden. The rain gave me another excuse for not being out there, as if I really had a choice.

Today, I just had to get out of the house.  It took me about twenty minutes to meander at a snail’s pace to the garden. Just a week and my trodden path has been covered with grass. I had to walk gingerly, taking care of my ankle. It’s not wobbling, but it’s not feeling very strong. I’m used to having a bad knee, but I’ve never had an IMG_7019injured knee and ankle at the same time.

After being house bounIMG_6977d for a week, everything fascinated me. I figured that was going to be the case, which is why I brought my camera. Lucy’s so cute.

Of course, many pictures just reminded me of all IMG_6976the work that needs to be done. Stanley’s garden could use some weeding, but that’s so far down at the bottom of the list, it might not happen this year.

The weeds are enjoying their time since the ground is still too wet for the tractor to coIMG_6985me out. I like the splash of color, though the tall grass is harder for me to walk through, especially with my current stiff leg shuffle. How can I create paths to save the flowers?IMG_6986

IMG_6998The garden is doing pretty good. Three of the four beds are growing the starts I planted when I still was able, though it looks like the birds IMG_7000

transplanted some of my carrots.  It was a good to get outside and into the sun; it makes being on the couch with ice on my now not so happy joints.




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