Does Happy Community Make Happy Residents?

Or do happy residents make a happy Community?

According to Gallup and Healthways, “Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, Florida, residents had the highest well-being of the 189 communities  in 2015-2016, claiming the top spot for the second year in a row.”

Now who wouldn’t want to live in a reduced stress environment. Today goes on to say, “Residents there have the lowest levels of stress in the country, report little depression and eat healthy on a daily basis, the report found. Many of them like their daily activities and enjoy an intellectually lively culture, telling interviewers they learn or do something interesting every day.”

So, I say to myself, “I wonder what the percentage of retired folks live in this area? What’s the average income? How many people live there?

Now if I were to compare Eugene, Oregon to Napa, Florida, Napa already has a leg up with the weather. Eugene had amazing summers, but “Naples has 11.3% less rainy days and 52.0% more Sunny Days than Eugene.” It’s possible that only Washington and Alaska top Eugene suicide rates

I would think that the population of a community effects a citizen’s well-being and Naples population is quite a bit smaller than Eugene.

The 2016 Naples, Florida, population is 21,512. There are 1,746 people per square mile (population density). Eugene’s 163,460 population towers over Naples. Eugene’s population density is 3,736 people per square mile. I would think that it would be harder to feel part of a community in Eugene than in Naples.

Naples is probably the best place to retire to. I’m thinking about doing this myself if I get a chance to retire. “The median age is 64.6. (in Naples). The US median is 37.4. 63.37% of people in Naples, Florida, are married. 13.79% are divorced.”

Eugene is close to the US median. “The median age is 34. 39.95% of people in Eugene, Oregon, are married. 12.55% are divorced.” Maybe marriage, especially among the older crowd plays a part in whether someone tells a pollster whether they are thriving or not. We’ve got a heck of a lot of single people in Eugene. Of course, the only thing that this proves is my bias. I’m sure that there are plenty of happy and content single people.

Being a productive part of society is part of the survey in what makes a great community to live in, and Eugene’s 5.60% unemployment versus 4% makes a difference. But what really puts the icing on the cake is the income. For Naples, “the income per capita is $84,721, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $80,571.” Now granted that the Naples is made up of older people, and experience can increase salary, but Eugene’s “income per capita is $26,313, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $42,715.”

I just discovered that will compare Naples and Eugene for me and I don’t have to flip around to different web sites to get information.

Naples is 11.6% more expensive than Eugene.
Naples housing costs are 27.8% more than Eugene housing costs.
Health related expenses are 15.0% less in Naples.

Crime is higher in Eugene, but that might have to do with unemployment and the  rat race of “city” living. Naples spends less money per student for education, but has smaller classes and higher graduation rates than Eugene.


Eugene, Oregon Taxes
Eugene, Oregon,sales tax rate is 0.00%. Income tax is 9.00%.




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