Going to the Birds


Going to the Birds

While I write this, I’m eating sunflower seeds. In the shell. One at a time. My last addiction. Sometimes it’s hard to get myself to pause just long enough to write a sentence or two.

img_6658-2Back when parts of Oregon were slammed with ice and snow, I cleaned a birdfeeder that’s  seed had molded after a bee’s nest took over. I don’t know how many years it hung. I bought a couple more feeders and a couple of the suet holders.

Now that I don’t have to feed them, I continue to do so, and continue to add to my bird feeder collection. If anyone know of inexpensive feeders, let me know.

I had to move the suet away from out in the open after watching a  blue jay eat almost the entire thing in just a couple of sessions. I asked a woman shopping at Bi-Mart, after I noticed she was stocking up on suets that were on sale. She told me she hadn’t figured out to stop the big birds; she just kept putting them out.

Maya Angelou


Sometimes I can be a bird-brain. The large feeder in the above picture, wasn’t getting any business. zero. I took it down. I rolled it around and none of the seeds came out. Duh. I bet you have figured out the problem. I used that seed for the other feeders; today I filled it with thistle seeds. Maybe I ought to learn how to harvest the thistle from all the thistles in my yard and  garden.

Perhaps because it is the Massachusetts state bird, but the nonmigratory Black-capped Chickadee is one of my favorite birds. Wikapedia tells me it’s a passerine bird and I’m guessing that since it’s part of the tit family Paridae, it might be related to the Tufted Titmouse, another favorite of MA birds.

Sun is out. Time to start mapping out next year’s garden…




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