Patrick Ness

indexPatrick Ness is an amazing author. Just after  reading one book, The Knife of Never Letting Go, my only hope is Ness just happens to be a prolific writer that I’ve never heard of.

I don’t remember the last time a book ended left me  hanging with suspense. I have to read the second  book, which I had started before realizing it was book two. Four hundred and something  pages of knife  helped me to forget those early pages; the sneak didn’t ruin the suspense, though now that I have finished and am standing on the ledge of a precipice, a narrow ledge I might add, I wish I had my hands on the second book. Having learned that this first book is going on nine years old, it’s possible my hope for a prolific author may have come true.

Like clockwork, or a contract for yearly deadlines, Ness published The Ask and the Answer, patrick-ness-226x300continuing the Chaos Walking series. He finished the trilogy with Monsters of Men. Sort of finished. In the same year of Monsters, he wrote The New World being Chaos Walking #0.5.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Chaos Walking Series either won awards or came very close. Now that I have learned that he reviews books for The Guardian, I may have to take a gander to see his style.

I just found out that I don’t have to steal the second book from Sylvia. She’s done, which means only one thing…


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