Donald Little Trump

Everything about our new presi-dent demonstrates his littleness. Little hands. Little mind. Sub little experience. Everything about him is little. Except for his mouth and his hair.

Now he’s complaining about the small size of the crowd on the  mall and Spicer, accused the media of getting the numbers wrong.  Are they saying that the photos were doctored to make it look like there were fewer people.  Sean Spicer said that numbers couldn’t be verified and went on to say that this was the largest crowd ever to  witness and celebrate an inauguration.

Is this the worst of the problems the white house ought to be concerned about?

Watching the news coverage of the Marches around the country brought me hope; our country has been worse. Together we can do more than merely surviving. We are the We the People.

img_6626And we the people marched and demonstrated our might, our unity. Eugene people poured from all directions, filling the streets.

Hillary Clinton had the support of three million more people than the current Pre-sident. If all of the people around the world who gathered to show solidarity, I wonder if the number was even larger.img_6645



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