Add a Beagle to the Mix

20161112_193324I’ve had three Labradors for the past five years and it was rather crazy; Lovely Lucy hadn’t started showing her eleven years, going on  twelve, until recently.20160802_123414


Abby the Labby Number Nine and Rambunctious Ricky have made up for Lucy’s inactivity. They do most of their running and chasing outdoors. Our house is rather big, but not big enough for  doggy tag.

20161218_103456Yesterday I drove up to Portland to pick up Luke,  my Great-Nephew Beagle.

Crazy. Crazy. It has  been many years since I have lived with a beagle. Baying. Stubborness. I have spent more time chasing Luke around the house. He doesn’t like the ice and the rain and refuses to go outside. I had to put a leash on him to help him find his motivation! At least the house is big enough to give him plenty of running around room.



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