Christmas Music

December 11th and I am already listening to Christmas music. This could be a record.

While listening to music in the car, I usually  hit scan or another pre-set station at the first recognition of a carol.

On Pandora I have the Nutcracker station playing. I am not familiar with the Waltz of the Snowflake.

It is a lot easier to make a gradual adjustment to the holiday season, especially Christmas.

I can’t stand the season beginning before Thanksgiving is over. How can we truly be thankful for what we have, but the next day frenzied to get more stuff, practically unfriending all the stuff you previously worshipped?

Eventually, the Christmas Spirit envelopes my soul, and all carols, even the cute ones with animated rodents take over what I listen to.

Since I am only listening to classical music, Winter Dreams from T’s Symphony 1, I don’t know if I am ready for Frosty the Snowman or if it will crawl under my skin, causing itching. Some years I am never ready for it, but I am always ready for Barry White or Bing Cosby.

In about a half an hour or so, I’ll be listening to Sylvia play the Uphonia. I was hoping autocorrect would hero my cause and fix it. Second guess. Euphonium. The phone didn’t ask me to replace the word. That is a good sign.



  1. I haven’t begun with the Christmas music yet. I have many CDS of various styles but they are hiding somewhere in the depths of my shelves. Maybe Pandora might be an answer!

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