My Subaru is dying

Twelve years old. Low mileage. Great car in the winter.

The Forester has been falling apart slowly. The little clock was the first to go. It might light up once or twice a year for perhaps an hour. Too expensive and not critical.

Plastic cup holder bit the dust after slammed on breaks caused Ricky to collide with it. He was fine. I still find pieces of debris years later. Again, too expensive. I use the middle consol as a makeshift holder. The back holders fell apart just because I asked the flimsy plastic to hold my travel mug.

The radio had been on the fritz. On my way to bowling Friday, it wouldn’t turn on. Turned on on my way home.

This evening the weather is supposed to make driving treacherous with either snow or frozen rain or both. Sylvia’s truck doesn’t have her studded tires. Never needed them last year. 

Last thing I heard on her way out the door: the Subaru sounds awful and the defrost isn’t working…



  1. My car is 17 years old Her name is “Podd.” She is a dark green Honda CR-V. She only goes about 300 miles a YEAR now. Maybe less. I heard the other day that a car’s tires can get “dry rot” from not being driven very often. But Podd takes Paul, every week, up to the food store to do the shopping and she takes him up to the dump to drop off yard waste about 10 times a year… and that is it for Podd. She’s more of a fixture in the driveway these days. I hope your Suburu can limp along for a while more. Cars are so darned expensive anymore!.

    1. The Subaru Forester doesn’t have a name. I have never named cards. My mom’s Ford Falcon was Tilly or Tillie. I don’t know why. I don’t think anyone in my family names their cars. I want one of those new cars that break when the driver’s not paying attention.

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