Not Firing on All Cylinders

The inability to do some basic tasks with the computer has me a little concerned. Perhaps I’ll remember how to do these things later on in the day or later on in the week. There’s always the chance the memory could be gone completely. I’m just saying.

img_4555I solved the problem with the camera card. Took a smaller one out of my older Cannon Camera, put it in my go-to camera. I knew that downloading 837 pictures were going to take a while to download, just in case I went on another walk. I didn’t take a walk, but I did take a few pictures of Ricky. I didn’t want him to feel left out.

img_4483One of my puttering tasks got put on hold. I was making banana nut muffins for Sylvia, but I didn’t have any oil. She’s at the store as I write this, perhaps she’s on her way back. I wonder if I have time to cut some blackberries…The Never-ending supply.


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