A Day in the Life of Me

Yesterday my back was talking to me in loud overtones. Low back stiffness gripped and snarled. My brain kicked in and demanded a review of what I had been doing to cause such debilitation.

Bowling tends to be the culprit. I did bowl Friday with the seniors and I did use my fifteen pound ball almost as much as the fourteen, but could that have caused pain two days later? this the start of the chatter in my head. Problem-solving 101.

With the long weekend, I did spend more time than usual in my comfy green recliner. However, while in that green chair, my back didn’t complain at all.

img_4444Inspiration finally stepped in and got my mind thinking that it didn’t really matter what caused all of my lower back muscles to constrict. It would be more constructive to solve the problem to wonder if the cutting of blackberries may have aggravating my back or the last tug-o-war with the dogs.

I was at choice point. I could head for the shelves and add more pain relievers into my systems or I could do some moving around. It didn’t occur to me at the time of the third choice.

img_4399I got lucky in that it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t really that cold. The vibrant green that contrasts the white/grey skies. So much is dying, the brown and gold leaves; the withered blackberries. But so much is growing and coming back to life.

img_4442Walking, especially after consecutive days of constant rain, adds vinegar to dog play between Ricky and Abby the Labby Number Nine. Without saying anything, the dogs knew we were going on a walk perhaps even before I knew. Maybe they had sent me the thought. I’m a firm believer that animals can control our minds better than we control theirs. Maybe it was the rain pants. I don’t ever wear them and not walk. That was the signal that flipped the switch; she started running up and down the stairs. Like a three-domino set, Abby’s behavior ignited Ricky’s engine as he must chase Abby and nip at her. The third domino, Lovely Lucy, was outside.

I wonder how crazy a loose jack-in-the-box would be? Abby and Ricky were out of the starting gates with vigor. Mostly all I had to do was pray that their speed course wasn’t going to intersect with my knees.

img_4419For this walk, I had grabbed my big camera. My cell phone still has too many photos on it. One of these days I’ll take care of that problem. I tried to grab a picture of the playing dogs. Seeing Abby’s ears standing up is a good example of a moving Labrador. The sound effects of the play was extra loud. All for my benefit.

I did notice that  just after a few minutes of walking and stretching, my back was merely grumbling and no longer screaming at me. Endorphins from walking and laughing at the dogs. I can thank my short attention span. Once I started looking for photos, I forgot all about my back.img_4428


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