My Fear of Lessons Learned from the Trump election

I have bigger fears than the next four years with a Trump/Pence presidency. My fears are with what we just learned and what lessons our young have learned, especially the Caucasian male.

The president of the United States is supposed to represent the people. Hillary won that election hands down; if we could emphasize the Democracy in our government, but the representatives are supposed to balance things out since it’s impossible to hear a million voices and get anything done. The system of Representation is a disaster. Trump and Pence don’t represent at least two million of us.

Once again, I have learned that my voice doesn’t count and I’m not talking about just this election. I’m talking about my life. I have experienced hate and discrimination more times than I can count; the events range from an almost daily dose of profanity thrown at me by  not too far off neighbors as they sped by my house to a student from the military academy wrote hateful things about me on a YouTube post seen by millions; ironically, it was a YouTube about the Constitution. The School merely gave him an in school suspension and forced me to see him on a daily basis.

The crimes against women, against people of color, of people outside of the powerful inner circle are too high as they are, but didn’t Trump’s election tell us that this is okay? It’s okay that our president-elect discriminates against everyone that’s different than he. It’s okay to grab women by the genitals, and it’s also okay to make unwanted sexual advances.

The other day someone told me that they had voted for Trump based on the Trump family and what model citizens they are. It wasn’t specifically said that President Obama has broken laws, but this person’s opinion said that President-elect Trump will enforce laws. I’m thinking he’ll enforce the laws that suit his welfare. He admitted that he uses steel made in other countries, but blamed Hillary for not making him buy USA steel. Is he going to make his business and other businesses not import steel to increase jobs? Trump business will probably get a discount.

And if President-elect, though Dictator-elect would be more fitting thinks that Hillary ever had the power to make laws all by herself, he has a lot to learn about our government.

If one is to look at a family that can represent a presidential candidate, President Obama and the Real President-elect Clinton families represent good, functional people.

I hope that Hillary Clinton realizes that the people are behind her; from what I hear about the Marches that are mobilizing for the Swearing day to remind Dictator Trump that he may be in the position of power, this is a country that is all about We The People and We The Peeps aren’t going to let you forget it. We certainly are not going to let you file for bankruptcy.


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