What Sense Could I Live Without?

Dream Big Dream Often posed a question: If you had to give up one of your senses which sense would you sacrifice and why?

1477823800784My question would include why not. I can’t imagine giving up sight. I love reading. I have tried to listen to books, but I have a hard time concentrating. I imagine that I would adapt if I couldn’t see, but to not be able to see faces, especially the eyes of my fur family members, this would be hard.

20160806_180927Taste. I often tell people that I am in a See Food diet: I see food, and I eat it. I am not that particular and enjoy a wide range of foods, but I especially like good food. Processed and store-bought food isn’t as satisfying. I can’t imagine never being able to taste fresh veggies from my garden, especially the tomatoes. Fresh corn on the cobb makes my mouth water. Mostly,  I could not imagine ever being able to taste lobster again.lobster

Hearing. I don’t think I could live without music. Music impacts my moods whether it motivates or calms. I can’t imagine being able to sing if I couldn’t hear myself sing, though some people in my choir may suggest this a good thing. When it comes to singing my part, I often sing other parts if I hear them. And of course it is possible I am tone deaf and don’t know it. I would like to think I am not tone deaf. Would I be able to chirp like a parakeet and talk to other birds if I no longer could hear? I don’t think I could voluntarily give this sense up.

Touch. At first, I thought that this sense would be one I could sacrifice. Today I have been cold all day. Would sense of touchremove too cold or too hot? I asked a student, and she observed it would be similar to being paralyzed. How could I walk if I couldn’t feel my feet under me. I wouldn’t be able to bowl or wrestle with my dogs.

Sense of smell would be the one I could sacrifice as long as it didn’t interfere with my sense of taste. Yes, I would miss the smell o the ocean or the smells of pungent flowers, but if I had to pick one sense, this would be the one I would choose to sacrifice.


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  1. If you were to lose your sense of smell, you would not taste much. Taste almost wholly depends on your sense of smell. To test this out, try tasting some food you love – and then hold your nose and taste it again. Nothing! The tactile sense is there but the aroma/taste of it is gone. That said, if I had to give up one of these senses, it would be smell, too. I have a very sensitive nose and smells nauseate me a lot! Also, if I couldn’t taste my favorite foods, I might lose some weight! Seeing and hearing and touching seem pretty darn important.

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