Lessons that keep on kicking

I  don’t mind making mistakes even when the lesson is painful, but when the lesson  seems to have no end in sight.

I’m going to blame complacency for not meeting a deadline. I had afterall been working with this school district for almost ten years. I put it off, classifying the task of mailing back my signature as NBD. Oh what a BD that signature turned out to be.

I tried to sneak in my yes I would love to substitute again next year, but it didn’t make it past go. Instead I got to go to Jail. In order for me to get my job back. I would have to reapply.

It didn’t occur to me that I would lose my insurance that I was paying for, but obviously I wasn’t thinking things out. I tend to play the Checkers-style of life rather than Chess.

Today I got out of Jail with an email congratulating me upon on my hiring. Not a rehire. Just a hire. New hire.

I can handle the two-day notice of a new hire meeting. In  the email, I was warned to bring all of the paperwork  filled out prior to the meeting. See links. I clicked and hit print link affter link. Eighteen pages later. Why not make employees print out forms. That’s  one way to save money.

One  page will tell the school district how I would like to pay for having my finger prints processed. To think that just last June, a mere two months ago, I had security clearance, but now that those ten years of employment have vanished, I start from scratch.

Some lessons are more painful than others.


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