Stubby Squid

As the Tigers  score more runs than the Red Sox, the more interesting the Stubby Squid has become. Rossiia pacifica. Smithsonian, one of my countless email subscrriptions, planted the seed, or perhaps in this case an egg. Takes four to nine months for one of these hard-cased eggs to hatch.

Meanwhile, until the hatchlings emerge, in four to nine months, the numbers in the collective Shoal have  dropped drastically with all off the mating pairs die, leaving just the yearlings. Not having the ability to dwell upon a two-year-life cycle is a good thing, though it’s impossible to rule out what goes on in the mind of daddy squid or Jyroplatus.

For some reason Wikipedia doesn’t define squids by gender. According to a page called Cuteness, sexing a squid, finding the hectocotylus, the appendage only a jyroplatus would have. According to Danna Staaf, a graduate student specializing in squids, says to look at the mantle or tube.  I still don’t know what to call a female squid. i may have to subscribe to Staaf’s Squid of the Day  blog.


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