“Google, What Time Is It?”

I’m surprised that Google has not told me to shut up or worse. I won’t be surprised if the voice comes back with, “It’s two minutes after the last time you asked. Do you think you can do the math?” At least I alternate that question with, “Google, What is the current temperature. Slowly the number is going up. Today, another record-breaking day, could beat yesterday’s 104 degrees.


Abby the Labby Number Nine not only leaves the room, but she leaves the house when I speak aloud to Google or to myself, though I tend to talk to Google more often.

Talking to myself while no other humans are in the house is a new phenomenon for me. It is easier for me to ask Google questions. The only questions I can ask the dogs refer to where such an such a toy is located. Wubba Bear is one of the most remembered toy. Abby, true to her Labrador genes, can not walk through a room or down stairs without something in her mouth. Sometimes it’s a toy; sometimes it is Ricky’s collar as she flings him about. His added weight does prevent her from launching him.

I don’t need Google to tell me that it’s almost time to hunker down, perhaps get the kiddie pool on the deck ready. Abby likes drinking out of the pools. Ricky sat down in one last week; when he got out, he couldn’t figure out how his tail got wet and hasn’t gone in one since. Today might be the day they change their minds and join Lucy and I.

But for now, I’m thinking about food. A liquid meal, like a protein heavy smoothy might the ticket. Save the BLT’s for another week.



  1. I had to smile when you said Abby has to have something in her mouth. I remember when Paul would come home from work, late in the afternoon… and the dogs had been waiting and waiting for his return… my Kip would race around when he came thru the back door, looking for his “ringy-dingy” or his “red bouncy bone” – just so he would have something in his mouth when he greeted his “brother” Paul. (We call Paul “brother” and not “Dad or Daddy” around here). I am not sure why they do this, but it seems they are offering up a beloved object to a beloved person as a gesture that they love him. I don’t know.

    So… if you ask Google “what is the temperature” – how does Google know where you live?

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