Men aren’t the only ones

that are messing around with Facebook. Men aren’t the only ones who are ruining the integrity of Facebook. Yes, I am an idealist. I want to believe that every face I see on the internet is really the person that I’m having the conversation with. No, I don’t still believe in Santa, but I sure wish I did.

How could I not want a friend who wears a cool cat shirt?

MaryKeatingWhen Mary Keating asked me for a Facebook friendship, I judged her picture and said yes. It’s always the new friends that message you almost immediately after being accepted that sends red flags up. Maybe I ought to pick different colors so red isn’t always seen as bad.

OnlineMary Keating

Chat Conversation Start
You’re friends on Facebook

Hello how are you doing there?
Excellent. You?
Good to hear from you.Am doing wonderfully great.I hope you have also been contacted by the CFA ?
Its the (COMMUNITY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE) It’s a Give back money grant offer from the Financial domestic assistance agency to help people maintain the standard of living, Oh I thought you have heard it already!
What makes you think I am interested? 
I even thought you have been contacted already because I saw your name among the winner list when the CFA agent brought cash to me and I wonder if you have got yours ?
Damn. Another bogus Facebook friendship. I will tell authorities that Mary Keating has been hacked. Do something productive with your intelligence.

I didn’t get a chance to complain to authorities. When I clicked on Mary’s link I  got this with a cute little hazardous sign.

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.
Maybe the hacker blocked me. I don’t know. I suppose I don’t care.
I did send Mary a message to her. There’s nothing from 2016 on her page, so chances are she won’t get the message.
Some of the Facebook entries for CFA look legit, but there’s more bad than good. Better Business was contacted and they put this Public Announcement out:

We’ve received reports of “agents” contacting consumers about grants from “Empowerment Financial Domestic Assistance“, “Community for Federal Domestic Assistance”, and other similarly named programs.

This is a scam playing off the federal “Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)” which “does not use social media or direct phone contact to solicit, review, or make awards.”

Reports of similar scams began to surface last spring and continue to pop up across the country.

If anyone contacts you about free federal money, be instantly skeptical, never give out personal information, and report everything to the BBB at, the FBI at, and the GSA Inspector General Fraud Line at (800) 424-5210 or

One woman wrote about how someone was using her mother’s picture for the scam and said she was feeling pissed off at specific people as if she knew the hackers. I have no clue if Winston Blair is related to Esther. Guyana. The CFA gets around. Readers beware.

Esther Spontaneous Blair feeling pissed off with Winston Blair and 9 others.


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  1. Weird! I never get these. That’s probably because I have only 81 friends and I basically know almost all of them with a few exceptions but those are people I”ve communicated with for a while in specific groups so I kinda know them. If I EVER get a friend request from a total unknown person, no matter WHAT they look like on their avatar, I ignore them. Period.

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