David and

Goliath. David and Goliath. The Boston Red Sox broke the piggy bank this off-season to bring in David Price to the tune of two hundred and seventeen million dollars.
Is this thirty-year-old the savior that the boys from Bean Town need to combat last year’s debacle of a season?
Other than David being the first round pick in 2007 and made it to the bigs in just a year, I know very little. And I only know this much because I read about him on Wikipedia.
David Taylor Price.
The Tampa Bay Rays, aka The Devil Rays, saw something in the Rising Star when they not only brought him up in September, but had confidence that he could save the seventh game and send the team to the World Series.
How often did this boy who hailed from Murfreesboro, Tennessee dream of pitching in The World Series his rookie year?
I wonder if he would mind if I call him a Smurf? It probably won’t tell me in Wikipedia if Mr. Price has a sense of humor, though from his ear-to-ear grin, I imagine so.
I wonder if success came easily his entire climb up the ladder or if his All-Star selection just his Sophomore year of being a full-time pitcher. He finished in second that year in the Cy Young selection.
What a silly, silly question to ask. Price has been stellar from day one. In high school he one awards left and right and was a standout in basketball as well as baseball.
He could have gone into baseball before he was old enough to drink, but he wisely chose the collegiate path when Vanderbilt offered him a free ride.
David almost quit baseball so he could focus on school and was ready to start asking if people wanted fries with their orders, but the coach talked him out of leaving baseball. Did the coach know he would be signing an eleven million dollar contract in just three years?
Not only was he setting records on the field, but his signing bonus of just 5.6 million dollars was the second highest in draft history.
His debute was a smashing success. That’s if you think hitting a Yankee batter is a good thing. David Jeter got revenge for New York by hitting a homer during Price’s debut, and later on Jeter’s 3,000 hit was a homer off of Price again.
While in the minors, he pitched against Pedro Martinez, one of Red Sox Greats, saw David’s unusual maturity and command of the five ounce baseball. He had no fear.
Perhaps with two seasons in a row of being worst, the Goliath that needs slaying is David to the Second Power: The incoming David Price and the outgoing David Ortiz.
Perhaps the snow and cold weather season opener game postponement will give the planets and stars a chance to move as to be in better position to help line up the BoSox in a historical 2016 season.
The baseball season is long, so it will be a while before Red Sox Nation know if the Price was Right and that he is priceless or not.



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  1. I think if you were being paid TWO HUNDRED SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS at the age of 30 to pitch a handful of innings every 5 days, YOU’D have an ear-to-ear grin too! He’s grinning all the way to the bank — and back!

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