I Will Never Take

the same photograph. Today, as I started our sometimes daily walk, I realized that it is impossible to take the same picture ever again. That’s like saying I’ll be able to live another 4:28 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, April 1, 2016. No April Fool’s Joke. Guess that would have made a better headline.

I don’t edit blogs. I figure that if I write for free, you get what you paid for. One draft and done. Now if I want to start making some money, I’d better start thinking about the whole editing philosophy. Don’t get me wrong; I love editing. I’m so good at editing that I’m never satisfied. I can edit a story, an article until the cows come home.

I did, however make an exception to this rule when it came to homework assignments. I found that my grade always went up after I’ve been through a few rough drafts or so. I learned that most of the time, my first drafts weren’t so great and didn’t even hit the target.

Early on in school, my mechanics were horrendous. I drove most of my elementary school teachers crazy because I didn’t like paragraphs and didn’t think  there was much use in punctuation either. I’ve always been a strew of consciousness writer. I meant stream, though I suppose it means the same.

As I gathered my cast of characters for today’s escapade,  I can’t help to think about how fragile their time on this planet is. Abby’s white chin reminds me that’s she’s getting close to middle-age.

Ricky’s just a knuckle-head and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Since I rescued him, I don’t really know how old he is, but I know this gentle soul has been around a few times.

Lovely Lucy. My Geriatric girl who doesn’t walk very fast, but she doesn’t quit and keeps on trekking.Abby040116Ricky040116Lucy040116.

Well, it’s time to shuffle off to the lanes. Hopefully I’ll remember to write more about some of the pictures I took on our walk.


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