Flat out

Scattered. My wants and desires are having a taffy pull with my shoulds and guilt. When I think about the reading I want to do, the kitchen speaks up, reminding me that it’s been too long. I don’t even like hanging out in the kitchen, and that’s one of my favorite places.

I want to write, which obviously has won over the carpets and floors that are metamorphosing before my very eyes. The dogs don’t seem to care and since guests are no longer welcome, that’s probably why I’m continuing to write.

Soon I’ll have to shift my operations from the loft to the basement. I want to watch the University of Oregon Ducks take on Oklahoma. I think. I know UO hasn’t been in the elite eight in a long time. And I don’t even know who they are playing to get a sense of their historical pedigree. I wonder why they changed from the Tall Timbers to the Ducks. Fighting Ducks? We love our Ducks. We even are proud of the Beavers, as long as they are not playing the Ducks and it’s more of a state support. I sometimes stretch my allegiance to all of Pac-12 when our collegiate division needs support.

At least for the next few hours while I watch basketball, I won’t have much of a debate on how I should spend my Saturday afternoon.



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