123 Pictures

The last time I uploaded or downloaded photographs from my Canon to my laptop was one hundred and twenty-three pictures ago. Roughly two days. Could be less. Not more. I love to take pictures. One of these days I’ll figure out how to take a picture while I am taking a picture, especially if I am in some strange position. Flowers and mushrooms and raindrops have me squatting in yoga-esque postures that are helping and hindering my back. I need to figure out how to involve my core in picture taking. Sucking it in for a hundred and twenty-three times might make a difference.peekaboo032516

Once I put the Canon camera around my neck, I’m never sure what I’ll take a picture of. Sometimes I don’t even look and shoot from my hip; but usually quick-drawing only  gets me wasted shots.

Great example of shooting from the hip and missing the target.

Yes, we love Gatorade. I like the yellow and Sylvia likes the red; She was forced to buy more.  After a few days of hard labor in the yard, I was so desperate that I polished off her red stuff. I’ve never been a Tropical Punch fan.

clouds032516Another stupendous day for a walk. The dogs and I had found the window of opportunity and we took it, though the opening was large enough to be more like a barn door opening.

dogtriangle032516If I were playing Charades with the dogs, I’d have to guess Triangle.

I recently re-read Watership Down and in the book, the Rabbits tended to use tree roots as as a structurally safe place to dig a warren. I wonder if moles and other digging critters do the same thing. Ricky has been excavating near a few trees. This one he’s very intent on getting something.digging032516

The only time Sir Ricky doesn’t listen to his mum is when he’s hunting or protecting me from something. He doesn’t discriminate; nothing is too large or too small. Just the other day he scared a fly out of the room; it did come back, but Ricky’s intention was good, and he’ll keep trying to eat it.

I look forward to our dog-cat walk. Ying may detest her real sister Yang, but she loves the Lovely Lucy.sisters032516 Walking buddies.

I probably could do a blog just on the various ways Ricky’s ears express themselves:

Faster than a Speeding Train
Flying Nun

From the looks of it, our walk was going to be abridged. Getting wet wasn’t on my agenda for the day.Ominous clouds032516At least I have Oregon Grape flowers to balance out the moody grey clouds.Oregongrape032516Some odd sound got Abby’s attention.Abster032516Well, this walk has been a lot of fun to share, but now that the “barn” in in view, it’s time to put the horse away.dome032516


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