Maybe Not a Walk to

Remember. Today’s walk may not end up in the greatest hits, but it was a good walk just the same.attention032316

Day three, technically speaking, of my Spring Break. Today’s been a nice and easy day. Played with the dogs indoors when it was too chilly or too rainy to go outside or I was feeling too lazy.

When I am feeling especially Lazy and the dogs have energy, I send Abby on missions. Find the Whuba was supposed to save me a trip up the stairs, but Abby found Whuba, but didn’t come downstairs with it.

Getwhubba032316The first time I asked Abby for the Whuba, she came down with the purple bone, which had been Ricky’s favorite.purple bone032316Abby has a way of stealing the other dogs’ toys, especially when they have recently played with them. After some coaxing, Abby did finally bring Whuba downstairs.purple whuba032316Kong Whuba has outlasted most dog toys and has tolerated a lot of tug of wars. None of those pictures came out, and I didn’t feel like throwing in something blurry.

Eventually, we did take a walk.walk032316Sometimes I forget how beautiful our property is. Here comes Lucy…here she comes032316I can’t help but wonder how many more walks this old gal has in her. I had to call her to join us.

Once again, it doesn’t take much to cause me to stop and pause. Maybe I just needed an excuse to sunshine032316Yesteray it was the clouds. Today, the weeds.

I don’t know what the loud noise was from, but I had to reassure Ricky that everything was okay. The noise wasn’t bothering Ying in the least.respondingtosounds032316

mypack032316My pack with Ying the in the Alpha slot. There’s so much to smell and look at on our walks even though we go over the same area every day.

I can’t quite read Ying’s expression. Maybe she knows that we’re near the end of the walk.Ying032316One of these days I’ll blog about the friendship between Ying and Abby.bestbuds032316




  1. This was one of your BEST blogs ever. Loved seeing the animals on your walk. You have a piece of heaven there in Eugene… with all your loved ones there with you. And I know you love them up to the fullest point of love every single day. I am feeling especially empty and sad this morning as I dreamed about Kip and also that Paul came home with a new younger collie for me… he looked so much like Kip that when I woke from the dream I just lost it and got Paul blubbering too when I mentioned it to him. Just love up your dogs every single hour of every day that you can.

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