Word Hound

“In 1939, a congressman called the campaign contributions in question “political immorality and skullduggery that should not be tolerated.”
Before reading, Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Sensible Supreme Court Choice BY LINCOLN CAPLAN in the New Yorker, I had never seen the word skullduggery before. Now I am trying to work it into my vernacular. That might be pushing it.
Can skullduggery fit in bowling?  Bad bowling perhaps? Skullduggery and splits seem to fit. That was until I learned the definition. Verbal misrepresentation. Donald Weasel Trump comes to mind. The Republicans and their childish refusal to even entertain President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination fits in the skulduggery category. (I have learned that two l’s ate optional.)



  1. “Donald Weasel Trump” – I like that.

    Did you know that Ireland is asking for immigrants from the U.S. who can’t fathom living in a country run by a President Trump?

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